The is a new kind of illuminated surround for a dartboard. The surround ring is a real improvement on existing models by other brands. Other systems may need an extra surround ring, but this system is 2 in 1. 

The patented conical shape neutralises the optical tunnel effect that can sometimes occur in other models. The writer maintains an overview of the entire board, and the darts player doesn't have to be afraid of hitting the edge of the surround when throwing.

There is an extra edge on the back of the ring which makes the traditional stabilisation methods, such as hooks, metal plates or wheel locks, unnecessary. A second advantage of this surround is that it reduces the sound made when the dart hits the dartboard, meaning less noise nuisance.

The ring was made in collaboration with the Nederlandse Darts Bond (Dutch Darts Association). The association adapted the regulations for dartboard lighting to this model.

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